I have been keeping reef aquariums for the past 7 years.  This page contains pictures of some of my favourite creatures.  I currently keep a 25 gallon and a 55 gallon tank.
These are my False Percula Clownfish.  The little one is Orange Crush, the bigger one is Willie Nelson.  In the background are Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two of their host anemones.  
The patch of orange in the center of the picture is a clutch of eggs.  The clutch first appeared on December 29, 2007.  I have had Orange Crush for almost five years, and Willie Nelson for four, and this is the first time they have ever laid eggs. They live in the 25 gallon tank.
In the bottom picture, Orange Crush is fanning the eggs to circulate water around them.  
With clownfish, the larger one in a mated pair is always the female.  In a colony of  clownfish, when the female dies the largest male becomes the female.
This is Joan of Arc, a Maroon Clownfish, in her host anemone, Three Mile Island.  Joan of Arc has no friends because she beats up any other clownfish that tries to get near her anemone.  Joan of Arc and Three Mile Island live in the 55 gallon tank.
This is Pompeii, a Rose Bubble-Tipped anemone.  Pompeii has a propensity for getting itself into trouble, and has walked into the intake of the tank’s circulation pump twice.  The last time it happened, almost a year ago, there was nothing left of the anemone save for a single tentacle and part of its foot, but since then it has made a full recovery, and the offending pump has been replaced.  Pompeii lives in the 25 gallon tank.
55 gallon saltwater reef aquarium with 432W of T5 high output fluorescent lighting
25 gallon saltwater reef aquarium with 96W of T5 high output fluorescent lighting
This is a close up of my Black Longspine Urchin, Spike Jr.  Spike Jr. is slightly poisonous if you get stuck by one of his spines.  The first time it happens it hurts pretty bad, but soaking the wound in hot water will denature the proteins in the toxin pretty fast and make the pain go away.  When you get stuck every few weeks you stop really noticing.   Spike lives in the 25 gallon tank.
This is Bad Strawberry.  Originally, it was named Strawberry, but then it turned out to be bad.  It likes to pull snails off of the glass and rocks and then eat them.  It also likes to eat starfish.  Its hobbies include killing for fun, moving carefully arranged rocks around haphazardly, and piling sand on top of delicate corals.  If it weren’t so cute, it would probably have found a new life as a “land hermit crab” long ago.  Bad Strawberry lives in the 55 gallon tank.
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