Between the years 2000 and 2004 I worked as a street performer.  My act was a living statue, most popularly “The Angel.”    I worked mostly in Harvard Square, but I also performed in London, San Francisco, and Providence.  
I’m afraid I don’t know who to give proper credit to for most of these photos, as they were given to me by admirers who saw my act.  
I also had an act I called The Lady in Red, which appeared as an attention getter in front of a burlesque show at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, in the VIP room at the Theater Offensive’s climACTS annual fund raising party,  and at Rock shows by the Dresden Dolls.  The Lady in Red even graces the cover of the Dresden Dolls live album, “A is for Accident.”  
summer of 2002, Harvard Square
fall of 2002, Harvard Square
The angel most often appeared in public, but I was also commissioned to perform at private events.  In the picture to the left, I am performing for the Dresden Dolls at their Halloween concert at the Roxy in Boston.
original picture, taken outside of the Paradise Rock Club
album cover for “A is for Accident,” signed by Amanda
the Lady in Red, fall 2003, Harvard Square